Unveiling Cutting-Edge Technology: Mobilicom Takes Center Stage at MCOW Warfighter in Fort Moore, GA

From September 11th to September 14th, the MCOE Warfighter conference at Fort Moore, Georgia, played host to an exciting unveiling of Mobilicom’s groundbreaking products. Mobilicom’s presence marked an exciting opportunity for military professionals to witness firsthand the incredible innovations that Mobilicom brings to the field. With their embedded data links, GCS systems, and spectrum SA […]

Learn More about Mistral’s Drug Detection Capabilities

Enhance your drug detection capabilities with our cutting-edge aerosol tests. Designed to quickly and easily locate and identify narcotics, our solution has gained global recognition among esteemed customers such as the Bulk Cash Smuggling Center, K9 handlers, and international narcotic teams. Experience the simplicity of our wipe, spray, and read process, revolutionizing the way drugs […]