Trace Detection and Identification Field Test Kits

We are a world leader in producing field kits that can detect and identify trace amounts of both explosives and narcotics. Our tests are safe to use and present instant results with a near zero false positive rating. Most of our tests do not destroy evidence and are able to test both bulk visible samples as well as trace residue that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Our products are available as stand alone tests as well as in kits covering a broader array of substances and are available in aerosol, pouch or liquid form delivered via dropper pen or bottle.

Explosive Detection and Identification

We are the manufacturer of several trace detection and identification products with unmatched reliability and strive to offer the best solution to fill all of your explosive field testing needs. Our products are sensitive to the nanogram level and come in tests sizes ranging from 50 to 100 tests per bottle or cannister.

Our field kits are most commonly used:

  • Detecting and identifying explosive compounds in combat theatres

  • Testing suspicious packages or objects at check points

  • EOD operations

  • Assessing abandoned soils and facilities for explosive compounds and residues

  • Confirming K-9 alerts

  • Analysis of post-blast residues and components

  • Security personnel protecting critical infrastructure
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Drug Detection and Identification

Presumptive Drug Tests identify suspect narcotics and controlled substances and provide police agencies with quick results in the field or lab. Convenient and easy-to-use, Presumptive Drug Tests contain internationally accepted and specially designed reagents that produce a series of color reactions (indicators) to help the operator determine if a drug is positive for unknown or suspect material.

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Forensic Products

We offer several forensic products under our trace detection and identification product line. These products are designed to provide quick, easy and accurate field detection solutions for a multitude of investigative applications.

Our forensic products include:

  • Fingerprint visualization

  • Gunshot powder residue detection

  • See-Through Spray

  • ┬áMarking of persons who made contact with an object

  • Visualization of ferrous material on skin
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