Counter UAV

We provide a layered solution when it comes to counter drone technologies. We offer a range of solutions that are hand-held, wearable, fixed and mobile. Our solutions provide independent technology that can operate stand-alone or be integrated into a common operating platform.

Our passive sensor solutions are radio frequency (RF) directional finding and electro-optical cameras. The active sensor solution includes two types of radars, one dedicated to search, while the other tracks. Our active effectors are RF jamming and GPS spoofing.

In addition, Mistral provides a close-in kinetic platform that comes in the form of a guided, high-speed drone that disables the aerial threat via collision.

Man-Portable Solutions

The SKYBEAM jammer provides state-of-the-art counter-drone technology in a hand-held solution. Its RF transmitter and proprietary algorithms offer the longest effective range available. In a recent NATO exercise, SKYBEAM defeated drones beyond 2000 meters.

SKYBEAM provides the warfighter the ability to defeat drones flying on 433/915 MHz, 2.4/5.8 GHz, and L1/L2 GPS. Its compact, lightweight, form factor is the perfect solution for the warfighter on patrol or protecting a forward operating base.

The SKYBEAM advantage:

  • Longest effective range over any available hand-held

  • Easy-to-use point and shoot device

  • Easily deployable and can be operated within seconds

  • Effective against most consumer drones

Fixed C-UAS System Solutions

Our fixed site solutions are an end-to-end portfolio of counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) designed to protect against evolving UAS threats. The fixed site solutions are deployed worldwide protecting critical infrastructure, airports, and prisons. The fixed site solutions offer both detection and defeat capabilities.

The detection suite offers RF directional finding sensors that detect both the UAS and the control station, radars for search and refined track, and cameras that provide both day and night optics.

For defeat, we offer a variety of directional and omnidirectional jammers that are effective out to 5Km. Additionally, we offers a GPS spoofing device that can spoof any GPS receiver up to two miles from its actual location. Lastly, we offer a kinetic response. DRONELOCK is an autonomous multi-rotor drone that utilizes sophisticated tracking algorithms to intercept and collide with the unwanted UAS. DRONELOCK has onboard AI and advanced machine vision processing that is provides effective targeting against a single target or drone swarms.

The fixed-site advantage:

  • Layered solution of both detect and defeat sensors and systems

  • All systems can be controlled autonomously from a single command and control station

  • Detect and defeat solutions are scalable as a mobile solution

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