Robotics and Autonomous Solutions

Autonomous Platforms

Unlock a new era of seamless autonomy. Legion-X is your all-in-one solution for advanced control and coordination of autonomous systems. Whether acting individually or as part of a unified combat network, Legion-X revolutionizes operations in diverse mission types, including ISR, force protection, logistics, and more.

Streamlined Platform Management

Simplify operations with centralized mission control. Legion-X empowers autonomous systems to communicate, adapt, and excel as cohesive swarms, minimizing human involvement.

Battlespace Coordination and Integration

Seamlessly integrate robotic platforms with tactical communication systems. Legion-X ensures robust, secure connectivity on-the-move, free from GPS dependence.

Enhanced Mission Effectiveness

Boost your mission’s success with synchronized human-machine teaming. Legion-X offers varying levels of autonomy, enhancing survivability, lethality, and combat tempo in diverse domains.

Scalable Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Legion-X’s cloud-based architecture offers adaptability in an “as a service” model. Platform-agnostic and compatible with C4I systems, it accommodates third-party applications and fosters growth with cloud technologies and cost-saving COTS hardware.

Advanced Autonomous Management

Our software architecture combines AI-driven platform management and edge-based decision-making. It’s your key to efficient mission planning and execution.

Experience the future of autonomy with Legion-X. Elevate your capabilities and achieve mission success like never before. Choose Legion-X today.

Introducing Our Multi-Purpose Ground Robotic Technologies

At Mistral, we take pride in offering a versatile family of ground robotic technologies designed to excel in various operational missions. Our cutting-edge robotic solutions cater to a wide range of needs, providing state-of-the-art capabilities for your requirements.

Our Throwable Robot Platform stands out as a reliable choice for standoff detection and tactical surveillance. With its advanced features, this robot delivers exceptional performance in critical situations.

Among our ground robotic solutions, the Ultra-Light Full-Featured Tactical Ground Robot shines as an all-terrain marvel with 360° Day/Night Vision and Stair Climbing abilities. Its versatility and rugged design make it a go-to choice for tactical missions.

Mistral’s selection of Robotic Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) includes the All-Terrain Carrier and Recon Robot, expertly crafted to assist dismounted forces and enhance their effectiveness. These robots are built to withstand challenging terrains and provide reliable support.

Additionally, our Multipurpose Robotic Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) serves as a dependable companion for Users in various missions. Whether close- or long-range operations under extreme conditions, this versatile UGV is equipped to handle it all.

Experience the power of innovation and reliability with Mistral. Explore our diverse robotic technologies today and discover the perfect solution for your operational needs.

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