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September 14, 2023

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Technology: Mobilicom Takes Center Stage at MCOW Warfighter in Fort Moore, GA

From September 11th to September 14th, the MCOE Warfighter conference at Fort Moore, Georgia, played host to an exciting unveiling of Mobilicom’s groundbreaking products.

Mobilicom’s presence marked an exciting opportunity for military professionals to witness firsthand the incredible innovations that Mobilicom brings to the field. With their embedded data links, GCS systems, and spectrum SA capabilities, Mobilicom continues to be at the forefront of technological advancements in the defense industry.

Attendees included distinguished members from influential military organizations such as MCOE (Maneuver Center of Excellence), USASOC (United States Army Special Operations Command), PM-EIS (Program Manager for Expeditionary Mission Command), and TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command).

During this event, Mobilicom showcased their remarkable technology, providing attendees with a firsthand look at:

Embedded Data Links: Mobilicom’s cutting-edge embedded data links were a highlight of the presentation. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the innovative form factor and the advanced capabilities of these data links.

Ground Control Stations (GCS): The event also featured a glimpse into Mobilicom’s GCS technology. The robust and state-of-the-art GCS systems were on display, leaving attendees impressed with their functionality and design.

Spectrum Situational Awareness (SA) Capabilities: Mobilicom products are known for their impressive SA capabilities, and attendees at MWFC had the privilege of witnessing these capabilities in action. The demonstration shed light on the significance of Mobilicom’s role in enhancing spectrum awareness for military applications.

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