The Mistral, Inc. Survivability Team and its technology partner provide Opaque, Passive and Active solutions to Defense market operational survivability gaps.

How We Work
  • Identify solutions that achieve high-level ballistic, kinetic, chemical energy and blast protection by utilizing various materials, both exotic and common, designed to defeat multiple threat levels including multi-hit, armor piercing rounds, blast threats, IED’s, RPG's, and EFP’s while still maintaining mobility and transportability.
  • Identify solutions that meet or exceed U.S. Military Standards, STANAG 4569, NIJ 0108.01, CEN 1063, and other U.S. and international protection specifications.
  • Identify system integrated solutions from personal armor to protection for large combat platforms.
  • Identify lightweight armor solutions using advanced designs and advanced materials that maximize protection while minimizing life-cycle costs.
  • Identify full engineering, design, prototyping, and test capability that has been combat proven.
  • Identify modeling and simulation capability for concepts in the initial phases of development for new, next generation solutions as well as state-of-the-art upgrades to fielded solutions.

Active Protection Systems are designed to detect, track, engage and defeat the full range of threats from Rocket Propelled Grenades, Anti-Tank Guided Missiles to Kinetic Energy rounds.

  • Identify solutions that are capable of threat prioritization and multiple threat engagement using either electronic defeat (soft kill) or energetic defeat (hard kill) technology. Identify solutions that are adaptable to meet any customer’s current and future detection and protection level requirements.
How We Bridge the Gap

Mistral, Inc. identifies solutions that optimize Warfighter protection performance, platform weight budgets, as well as monetary life-cycle budgets.

Markets Served:
  • Tactical Wheeled and Combat Vehicles
  • Light Armored Vehicles
  • Fixed Site Defense
  • Personal Protection
  • Airborne Platforms
  • Naval Vessels and Smaller Watercraft
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