Indirect Fires

Beginning as a partnership with Elbit Systems, Mistral, Inc. has been providing indirect fire mortar solutions to the U.S. armed forces for more than 15 years. Our capabilities have continuously grown since then, providing even greater force protection, lethality, and survivability to remote outposts in theater.

How We Bridge the Gap
  • The RMS6-L, EMTAS, and Improved EMTAS regardless of whether the system is using a 81mm or 120mm cannon, has a recoil mechanism that significantly reduces the amount of recoil force.
  • The mortar system can be integrated on a variety of vehicle platforms to include the Toyota Hylux.
  • Operators have the ability to automatically engage targets in a 360 degree circumference with an embedded Fire Control and on-board Inertial Navigation System.
  • Enable the operator to fire multiple rounds against incoming threats with pin-point accuracy for maximum force protection.
Markets Served
  • 60mm, 81mm, 120mm NATO Standard and Non-Standard Mortars
  • 81mm and 120mm Recoiling Mortar Systems (RMS) for Tracked and Wheeled Vehicle Platforms
  • Tracked and Wheeled-vehicle Mounted Mortar Systems
  • Ammunition and Fuses for both NATO and Non-NATO Applications
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