The first system designed to deliver full tactical underwater command and control providing divers and commanders with full underwater situational awareness.

How it Works
  • EDGE™ Commander - On SDV or boat, coupled with on-board navigation system, sonar and peripherals
  • EDGE™ Nav - Diver’s full C4I solution with completely autonomous navigation and communication capability
  • EDGE™ Compact - Full C4I solution for multi-purpose missions with a unique compact design
How We Bridge the Gap
  • Enable mission planning, operational underwater navigation and real-time communications of all divers.
  • Offer network communications between several nodes, with or without line-of-sight.
  • Real-time location information on all system nodes underwater and above.
  • Instant Messaging for each node to send and receive immediate text updates.
Markets Served
  • Navy SEALS
  • Army Special Forces
  • Air Force Para-rescue and Combat Control Teams
  • Marine Corps Reconnaissance and Special Operations
  • FBI and other Federal law enforcement agencies.