DNS300™ Nav

A third generation diver navigation system with an intuitive user interface and a variety of integrated sensors.

How It Works
  • Supports most chart formats; includes mission preparation and debriefing
  • Hand-carried, DPD or SDV mounted
  • Single-enclosure contains all sensors and batteries: DVL, compass, pressure gauge, GPS
  • Enables mission preparation and debriefing with prepare and upload, dive and download, and debrief
How We Bridge the Gap
  • Highly accurate, leading the user to the precise location with minimum exposure
  • Weighs significantly lighter and smaller than similar devices at less than 15.4 lbs.
  • Allows for mission preparation and debriefing
  • Easy-to-read in all water conditions
  • Long-lasting battery life of more than 8 hours
Markets Served
  • Navy SEALS
  • Army Special Forces
  • Air Force Para-rescue and Combat Control Teams
  • Marine Corps Reconnaissance and Special Operations
  • FBI and other Federal law enforcement agencies.