C-Master™ Diver Navigation System

Hand-held or easily mounted system on underwater vehicles. Meets the Military diver needs for a lightweight navigation system with mission preparation and debriefing.

How It Works
  • Provides diver’s dead reckoning location; DVL-ready for fully accurate autonomous navigation
  • Weighs less than 6.6 lbs. - less than 1.0 lb. in water
  • Internal batteries provides more than 8 hours of operations
  • Enables mission preparation and debriefing with prepare and upload, dive and download and debrief
How We Bridge the Gap
  • Enable divers versatility to connect external sensors
  • Enhance the diver’s capabilities
  • Provide the diver with mission specific crucial data
Markets Served
  • Navy SEALS
  • Army Special Forces
  • Air Force Para-rescue and Combat Control Teams
  • Marine Corps Reconnaissance and Special Operations
  • FBI and other Federal law enforcement agencies.