ISR Systems

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) all require Situational Awareness (SA) which has many categories and many needs calling for a wide range of sensor types and sizes. Whether it's a networked array of ground seismic sensors providing real-time detection and tracking of human and vehicle movement, or vehicle-mounted capability where an Omni-directional imaging technology is required. This diverse need is addresses in a variety of technologies at Mistral.

Bounce Ball

The Bounce Imaging Bounce Ball is a throwable camera system with continuous stitched 360ᵒ viewing capability.  The Bounce Ball reduces the danger associated with gathering intelligence in small or hazardous environments such as hostage situations, tunnels, attics, etc.

Bounce Ball can be used on any Android or iOS device and will soon be offered with cloud service.

How the Omni-Directional Reconnaissance (ODR) Works

The ODR provides 360 degree SA that enables capturing and viewing of an entire omni-directional field-of-view simultaneously in real-time. The integrated recorder provides for the integration of playback data as if in "real-time" due to the re-stitching of the image recorded. This has proven invaluable for After-Action Reviews (AAR), the capture of scenes covertly and mission planning.

The capture of the omni-direction scene is performed simultaneously by our scene stitching software, without any need for rotating the image device, or taking several separate shots to form the omni-directional image. 

This technology resides in Mistral's two varients: Heavy Vehicle (HV) and the Light Vehicle (LV).


The LV system enables mounted and dismounted personnel greater security by supplying real-time SA provided by a 360 degree surveillance panoramic view of the outside of the vehicle improving security and safety for the team. The ability to identify a "Region-of-Interest" (ROI) provides additional security when dismounted, as the system will provide both a visual and audio alarm should the ROI be disturbed. The 360 degree SA Systems provide a turnkey solution for installation that includes all required components. 

At the core of the HV is the Centralized Processor. Mistral's holistic approach to Vision Systems has resulted in the core processor supporting many vehicular sub-systems. Amongst some of the implementations are: enhanced 360 degree surveillance outside of the vehicle improving security and safety for the crew, while also providing an integrated Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE) capability. The System shall utilize an open architecture approach that allows it to be upgraded or expanded for growth potential and optional features, should the sensor suite requirements or the mission profile change. 

Markets Served
  • Combat Vehicles
  • Tactical Wheeled Vehicles
  • Maritime Vessels
  • ISR Platform Variants
  • Rapid Equipping Force