Our Technologies

At Mistral, Inc., we are committed to delivering military advanced systems, technologies and products to the North American markets. We assist the U.S. and Canadian armed forces to resolve both urgent and emerging tactical-level capability gaps by providing solutions that are tailored to fit the challenges faced in full-spectrum military operations worldwide.

Product Categories

The Mistral, Inc. Survivability Team and its technology partner provide Opaque, Passive, and Active solutions to Defense market operational survivability gaps.

Transparent Armor

The Transparent Armor Team and its technology partner offer a wide range of transparent armor solutions for virtually all military and civilian applications.

Remote Weapon Stations

Mistral, Inc. and its technology partner work together to bring the Warfighter Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) that ensure high performance and survivability in combat.

Non-Lethal Technologies

Mistral, Inc. provides “Skunk”, a Non-Lethal malodorant for use in dispersing unruly crowds, and quelling disturbances where the use of Less-Lethal technologies or irritants may be an issue.

Communication Shelter Systems

Mistral, Inc. partners with a leader in the design and manufacturing of communication shelters using foam and beam construction.

C4ISR & Robotics

Mistral’s Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) team focuses on the seven independent disciplines collectively responsible for successful material acquisition and life-cycle management for C4ISR systems.

Underwater Communications and Navigation

Mistral’s Oceana product line offers unique underwater technologies for significantly enhancing mission effectiveness.

Water Generation

Committed to delivering pure, fresh, drinking water solutions through a variety of robust and innovative products which are easily transportable, meet user requirements and standards, and most importantly, create a secured drinking water source.

Component Parts

Mistral partners with component manufacturers who design and develop a wide variety of tactical and combat vehicle parts.

Indirect Fires

Beginning as a partnership with Elbit Systems, Mistral, Inc. has been providing indirect fire mortar solutions to the U.S. armed forces for more than 15 years.