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Bridging the Gap Between Requirements
and Technology Worldwide

With 30 years of experience and close working relationships with the end-user, system integrators, and technology developers, Mistral, Inc. is an expert in providing ready, relevant, and reliable solutions to the military forces. We are proud of our contributions in providing our Warfighters with the survivability solutions found on the MaxxPro MRAP, MRAP Dash, M-ATV and MTVR vehicles and with the lethality solutions found in the Recoil Mortar System on the Army’s Stryker Mortar Carrier and the Enhanced Mortar Targeting System.

Based in Bethesda, Maryland, Mistral, Inc. is a member of the Mistral Group, a team of independent companies, each operating in different markets worldwide, while collectively sharing the mission of "Bridging" operational gaps in the Defense and Law Enforcement Markets with practical, innovative, and high readiness solutions.

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