The best hand-held sonar solution in the market today offering coverage for all ranges. Expands the DNS300™ NAV for the military and Special Forces diver to include underwater data collection and location out to 574 foot range.

How It Works
  • Powered by BlueView™ sonars and coupled with advanced navigation capabilities
  • Weighs less than 15.4 lbs. - less than .5 lbs. in water
  • Allows for mission preparation and debriefing
How We Bridge the Gap
  • Provides accurate underwater documentation, navigation sensors and data
  • Effectively detects large and small underwater objects
  • Suitable for EOD divers with low magnetic signature
Markets Served
  • Navy SEALS
  • Army Special Forces
  • Air Force Para-rescue and Combat Control Teams
  • Marine Corps Reconnaissance and Special Operations
  • FBI and other Federal law enforcement agencies.