Unmanned Systems

Mistral, Inc. offers Unmanned Systems (US) to serve many purposes, from a tactical throwable sensor or payload, to providing squad support as a pack-mule surrogate or Remote Weapon Station platform. Whether it is to execute routine missions such as in a vehicle convoy or to operate under high risk conditions environments, we can provide situational awareness and payload delivery without endangering the warfighter.

How the EyeDrive (SUGV) Works

The EyeDrive system provides "point-and-go" operations from a touch screen, allowing the warfighter a hands-free approach to operating this unmanned platform. The intent is to keep the operator out of harm's way by providing advanced display and control interfaces while enabling the operators augmented Situational Awareness for decision making.

Mistral has developed a wide variety of remote observation and navigation aids for the EyeDrive to operate under adverse atmospheric conditions providing a reduction in risk among the manned forces. 

Markets Served
  • Infantry
  • CBRNe Platforms
  • Rapid Equipping Force