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Mistral Group Acquires ODF Optronics, Ltd. and Oceana Technologies, Ltd.

Sep 18 2013

BETHESDA, Md. – May 13, 2013 --- The Mistral Group, a proven leader in providing innovative solutions to the Defense, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security markets, announced today the acquisition of the activities and assets of ODF Optronics, Ltd. and Oceana Technologies, Ltd., through its Business Unit, Mistral Detection, Ltd.

ODF Optronics, Ltd. develops and manufactures omni-directional imaging solutions that serve and protect military, law enforcement and security professionals engaged in low-intensity conflicts within urban environments. ODF Optronics’ products such as the EyeBall, EyeDrive and ODR are utilized by military, police and government agencies in the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Oceana Technologies, Ltd. is a leading provider of advanced tactical maritime systems for divers, diver propulsion vehicles, seal delivery vehicles, and landing craft. Oceana’s communication, navigation, and sonar systems provide a unique total underwater command and control system for military, homeland security, and law enforcement diver units and have been instrumental to successful missions performed by a number of these diver organizations around the globe.

“Our mission is to bridge gaps which exist within the Defense and Homeland Security markets by offering technologies and advanced solutions,” said Jack Yohe, SVP at Mistral. “With the acquisition of ODF Optronics and Oceana knowhow and technologies, we have enhanced our resources and innovative tools to present our customers with new opportunities to meet their operational gaps.”

About Mistral Group

The Mistral Group is a team of independent companies, each operating in different markets worldwide, while collectively sharing the mission of “Bridging” operational gaps in the Defense, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security markets with practical, and high technology readiness solutions.